...courtesy of a certain Hayley Bouché, a very close friend of Adam’s.

It wasn’t long before they realised that there was some mileage in hanging out together and well, the rest is history!

They’ve had a crazy nine years, with a total of seven addresses, including a pub, B & B as well as having started an Estate Agency firm, not to mention a vintage tearoom!

Back in 2016 on a four-day mini break to Cornwall, true to themselves, they went out looking at property and came across a barn that we both fell in love with! The Barn is now their full-time home and their forever home.  Their love of Cornwall married perfectly with Adam’s love of cream teas has meant them finding solitude and a real feeling of contentment.


The one thing missing was to celebrate their commitment in the form of a party – sometimes known as a wedding! To this end, the boys decided to set a date and get everyone together for a good old knees up!